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Are you suffering from high power bills?
 You may qualify for over $3000 in government rebates toward the cost of Solar!
Save money and the environment now!
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Take our Free 30 Second Solar power assessment to see if you qualify.
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High quality Solar Systems designed to save you money!
Struggling with growing power bills, tired of having to find the money when you know there must be a better way? Get a quote and Let our selected vendors show you the solution. Complete our free solar assessment and see if you qualify.
Not sure who to turn to?
Backed by 20 years of exceptional service delivery, our solar providers ensure  the best-in-class experience every time. With more that 10,000 solar installations under their collective belt, you can entrust our expert team & established business processes with your home solar needs.
Relax as your solar system cuts your bills and your worries!
Relax and reap the savings. Imagine
how nice it will be to no you are
creating your own energy and
drawing less from the grid!
With one of our state of the art
solar systems you’ll be saving
before you know it!

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Step 1: 
Complete The Free rebate Assessment
The first stage on slashing your power-bills is to complete the Free Solar Rebate above. This will help us identify the cause of your power problem and we will then know what needs to be done to clear your aches and pains.
Step 2: 
Free Initial Home Assessment
Once you've submitted your free rebate assessment we'll formulate the best plan of action to put you on the road to recovery and a power bill free life. Our expert technicians will assess your property and tailor a solar system to suit the needs of you and your family

Step 3: 
Final plan and diagnosis

After your initial assessments have been completed, and you decide to install a state of tge art Solar System, you’ll be on you way to slashing your power bills – it’s that simple!
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